Adventures in Atreia II - Return of the Prince
An epic excursion with formidable enemies and lots to explore.

Explore the lost tomb of Amen-Ra.

Boiler Breakdown
No time for cowboy plumbers, you've got a boiler to fix.

Bomb Jack
Collect cherry bombs and coins. Watch out for enemies.

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Bunny Adventure
Ten levels of coins, carrots and keys.

Cutie battles the bad bots who kidnapped his maker.

D-403: Journey of a Service Droid
Defeat mutated insects and rogue metal to save the empire.

Ghosts Stole My Puppy
Save the puppy by sucking up slimey specters.

Grave E Tea
Jelly Ghosts want to keep you from your crumpets. A cup of tea will show them who's boss.

Hungry Hungry Mario
Negotiate all sorts of platforms while collecting green circles.

Pitfall-esque platform game.

Jungle Escape
Will you escape, fall prey to ravenous bats or meet your doom on the jungle floor?

Lily Allen in Escape the Fear
Classic platform action based on Lily's latest singles.

Mario Ghosthouse
Mario is lost in a haunted house...

Mario Star Catcher
Make your way through various levels, collecting coins as you go.

Mario's Time Attack
Get to Princess Peach before time runs out.

Megaman Project X
Precision platforms and enemies from all sides.

Mitta on Sunnyland
Tammy will light Mitta's way so that he can rescue the sun.

Monkey Boy
Monkey Boy is bouncing off the walls to get to the red gem.

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