3D Micro Wars
Addictive arena-style shooter with upgrades and specials.

Defend the navigation platform from invading Insectoids.

Aether - Episode 1: Missangular
Rotate your ship into firing position using polar coordinates.

Allied Assault
Incredible looking shooter. Two hits and you're out of comission.

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Arena 3000
Are you brave enough to enter the arena and face down the mutant horde?

Astro Chaser
An avoidance game and space shooter in one.

Implemented well with a nice old-school feel.

Attack 45
Fly through enemy defenses and destroy the energy bases.

Attack of the Mutant Killer Bingo Wings
Part shooter and part puzzle.

Fire at the centipede as it makes its way around the screen.

Chrono Pilot
A blast from the past in more ways than one.

Clash 'n' Slash
Defend your planet! Excellent rendering of game elements.

Clash 'n' Slash Worlds Away
More planet defending. Great looking game.

Combo Defender
A chain reaction shooter game.

Cosmic Defender
Defender clone. Fast-paced forward-reverse alien-shooting mayhem.

Death Versus Monstars
Swarms of enemies will face Death sooner than later in this manic auto-fire free-for-all.

Dirgantara - First Phase
One level. One difficulty. One squadron. One chance.

Drakojan Skies
Side-scrolling shooter that puts the fate of a people squarely on your shoulders.

Drakojan Skies - Mission 2
The saga continues with more fire power and a few surprises.

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